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Airport Simulation Services

SPS is a world leading user of advanced aviation simulation software, with extensive hands-on experience with the world’s most up-to-date packages/models, including CAST, AirTOp, and TAAM. Our staff provides many years of successful problem-solving experience using these and other models for major airports in the Americas, the Asia-Pacific Region, Australia, and Africa. Our simulation expertise reflects our deep understanding of airspace/airfield aircraft operations, ground service equipment requirements, airside service road operations, terminal passenger flow, and aircraft stand and gate allocation simulation and modeling techniques to address a wide range of operational challenges:

  • Capacity assessments/delay reduction

  • Optimize airfield and terminal layout

  • Streamline movement of aircraft, passengers, and vehicles

  • Maximize resource deployment & scheduling, etc.

We apply these tools to help airport owners, airlines, and ATC to verify and optimize strategic and tactical planning and improve operation efficiency.

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