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Apron Area / Gate Operations Planning

SPS helps airport operators and airlines by leveraging our experience, software licenses, and hands-on training, to apply industry-leading gate allocation and ramp planning tools and models, including CAST Stand & Gate Allocation, AirTOP Parking Position Gate Allocation, TAAM, and Path-Planner Ramp Simulation Tool. We augment these tools with our proven experience to help airport operators and airlines make informed decisions about:

  • Increasing capacity while reducing delay and congestion

  • Optimizing the interface between the airfield and the terminal

  • Streamlining the movement of aircraft, vehicles, and ground service equipment

  • Improving passenger bussing operations

  • Maximizing resource deployment and scheduling

  • Developing gate allocation rules, procedures, and protocols to optimize performance

  • Complying with use agreement procedures and facility utilization metrics

  • Establishing a gate use strategy to achieve airline and airport objectives

  • Quantify stand/gate demand for existing and future flight schedules/fleet mix

  • Balancing contact stand utilization vs. aircraft towing

  • Improving gate performance during construction

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