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21-07-19 / SPS NEWS

Nashville International Airport (BNA) and John C. Tune Airport (JWN) Start the Planning, Expansion, an Redevelopment

Nashville International Airport (BNA) and John C. Tune Airport (JWN), which are managed by the Nashville Metropolitan Airport Authority (MNAA), are the primary international and General Aviation airports, respectively, in the Nashville, TN region. BNA is among the busiest 30 airports in the U.S. and JWN is one of the premier general aviation/corporate airports. Both airports are going through extensive expansion and redevelopment–BNA as a result of the tremendous population and business growth in Middle Tennessee and JWN primarily as a result of the devastation caused by the March 3, 2020 tornado. To support these efforts, and to address other strategic planning issues as they arise, the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority selected our planning consortium through a competitive bid process that included firms with broad experience and expertise in a variety of planning-related issues at both international and General Aviation airports.

We are pleased to announce that SPS is part of a consortium of planning firms selected by the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority to provide comprehensive planning services for the operation and development of Nashville International Airport and John C. Tune Airport. As part of the selected consortium, SPS will provide strategic planning support, commercial collateral/land use planning, airfield/gate planning and air cargo analysis.

About Nashville:  Located in the south of the United States, Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. Other famous cities in the state include Memphis, where FedEx is located. Nashville is the holy land of American music and the center of American country music. Thanks to the rapid economic development, Nashville has gathered medical, high-tech and other famous companies, including Nissan’s North American headquarters, HCA- one of the world’s largest private medical institutions, the division of Amazon and Oracle, music industry second only to New York, and so on. Nashville International Airport and John C. Tune Airport, known as “Nashville business airport”, help local rapid and diversified economic development and meet diversified air travel needs.

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