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19-11-01 / SPS NEWS

SPS Made the Theme Presentation in the CAAC-ACP Flight Operation Efficiency Workshop

On October 25, 2019, the CAAC-ACP Flight Operation Efficiency Workshop was held in Beijing. Ms. Celia Fu Fremberg, vice president of Strategic Planning Services, Inc. (SPS), and Mr. Ge Lin, project director of SPS, attended the workshop. Ms. Celia Fu Fremberg was invited to participate on an expert panel to discuss the topic of “Airport Operation Metrics and Evaluation”. Ms. Celia Fu brings over 30 years of experience in leading international airspace and airport projects for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Trade Development Agency (USTDA). The focus of Ms. Fremberg’s presentation was how best to apply operational metrics to improve airspace and airport performance.


The theme of this workshop was, “Identify and Propose Key issues to Promote Aviation Development, and Organize Cooperation and Communication to Improve Safety, Capacity and Efficiency”. At the meeting, Mr. Ma Bing, director of the operation monitoring center of CAAC, delivered an opening speech, and Mr. Sun Shaohua, deputy director of the operation monitoring center of CAAC, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Continuously Improving the Operation Efficiency and Promoting the High-Quality Development of Civil Aviation of China”. The agenda of the workshop covered many important topics, including, Operational efficiency metrics of air traffic control, airlines, and airports; Flight scheduling quality maintenance; and the use of new technologies and new procedures to improve operational efficiency. Guests at the workshop included representatives from air traffic administration of CAAC, major Chinese airlines and airports, FAA, and members of the U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP).


As a member of ACP, SPS offers expertise and strategic planning for large scale project development in international markets. Our leadership team of professional consultants share decades of collaboration on the development and operations of major world airports, associated ground transportation and collateral development projects. 

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