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22-10-31 / SPS NEWS

Liege Airport Project

Liege Airport and its real estate subsidiary LIEGE AIRPORT BUSINESS PARK S.A. selected Delta Built Environments Consultants (Delta BEC) and Strategic Planning Services, Inc. (SPS) to develop a“Warehouse of the Future”Development Strategy.

LIEGE AIRPORT, one of the busiest cargo airports in Europe, is building and making available front-line warehouses to ensure the handling of import/export airline freight. To prepare for growth, the Airport"s real estate subsidiary LIEGE AIRPORT BUSINESS PARK S.A. selected Delta Built Environments Consultants (Delta BEC) and Strategic Planning Services, Inc. (SPS) to anticipate the needs of its future potential clients by developing a new “warehouse of the future” development strategy that efficiently handles more freight in the same gross construction area.

Delta BEC and SPS are honored to be selected for this important assignment, which will offer timely, flexible, and easy to maintain real estate solutions adapted to the needs of future clients – and will facilitate the development of buildings that are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable and adaptable to tenant needs. Specific objectives of this project include:

  • Develop a highly integrated facility to facilitate cargo transfers

  • Position the airside-landside boundary to promote mobility in terms of transportation modes and flows.

  • Create client, tenant, and user financial savings through efficient construction, operation, and maintenance.

  • Incorporate new digitized logistics technologies and fail-proof installations that allow for substantial energy availability and multiple high-speed data management solutions.

  • Create facilities that pay special attention to employee and user quality of life.

The Warehouse of the Future development strategy will integrate the broader context of the overarching mission of both the Liege Airport Business Park and the Airport. This will require:

  • Consideration of industry trends, compatibility between the surrounding community's land use, transportation planning, and economic development initiatives and the airport’s long-term development program.

  • Utilization of compatible real estate and market potential to realistically pursue an“Airport Cargo/Logistics City.”

  • Strategic rather than reactive incremental property development to optimize efficiencies and revenue generation.

  • Inclusion of stakeholders in the planning process to meet the region’s demand for cargo distribution in a way that is operationally efficient, environmentally sustainable, and financially viable in the near-and long-term future.

"Liege Airport is one of the world’s leading cargo airports with a keen eye on efficiency, sustainability, and financial feasibility. We are proud to be selected to help the Liege Airport Business Park ensure its continued success at a time where cargo growth requires innovation, in planning, engineering and project delivery.," says Walter Ringelmann, Director of Delta BEC.

"We very much look forward to partnering with Liege Airport Business Park and leveraging the long-standing relationship between Delta BEC and SPS and our combined experience in airport planning and engineering that has brought success to clients such as Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) and the Iceland Ministry of Transport." says Doug Goldberg, President, and CEO of SPS.

About Delta BEC

Delta BEC is a multi-disciplinary engineering and built environment consulting firm based in South Africa. Over the years our team developed a strong focus on airport and air cargo infrastructure and planning-related projects and have completed various projects across the continents of Africa, ASIA, and Europe

About SPS
SPS is a global aviation planning consultancy that helps airport owners develop visionary, sustainable, feasible and efficient aviation solutions with offices in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Shanghai. Our team of airport professionals brings 400+ years of collaboration providing strategic and technical guidance on the development and operations of leading world airports.

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