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22-09-16 / SPS NEWS

Strategic Planning Services and LandrySMS Announce Cooperative Agreement for Pursuit of Safety Management Systems and Safety Risk Management at Airports

Strategic Planning Services, Inc. and LandrySMS (DBA Landry Consulting) announce a cooperative agreement for delivery of Safety Management Systems (SMS), Safety Risk Management (SRM), and data management services on 22-August-2022.

Strategic Planning Services, Inc., (SPS), a U.S. based global airport planning consultancy that helps airport owners develop visionary, sustainable, feasible and efficient aviation solutions, has formed a cooperative agreement with LandrySMS, a leading DBE/WBE/SBE firm that prepares SMS and SRM programs and facilitates Safety Risk Assessments (SRA) that meet FAA requirements under Order 5200.11A. Together, SPS and LandrySMS are working to help airport leaders implement safe and visionary solutions.

"The outstanding reputation of SPS in helping airport leaders in the world’s largest markets define successful long-range development strategies complements Landry's SMS safety review process. We look forward to working together to help airport leaders deliver a better aviation experience,” says Douglas Goldberg, CEO, SPS.


"Safety Risk Management saves airports time and money by designing out safety issues before construction begins. At the core of SMS is the ability to identify and manage potential safety hazards and risks. This service complements SPS's long-range airport planning strategies to assure the recommended development plan is safe, efficient, sustainable, and financially viable,” says Joanne Landry, Principal Consultant at LandrySMS.

About SPS
SPS is a global aviation planning consultancy with offices in Cincinnati Ohio, Los Angeles California, Seattle Washington, Washington D.C., and Shanghai China. Our team of airport professionals brings 400+ years of collaboration providing strategic and technical guidance on the development and operations of leading world airports. SPS has extensive hands-on experience with airspace, airfields, passenger terminals/concourses, cargo facilities, landside ground access, support facilities, FBOs and airport vicinity land use/collateral development. SPS is also a world leading user of advanced aviation simulation software, including CAST, AirTOP, and TAAM. Visit our web site at

About LandrySMS
LandrySMS was one of the first firms in the US dedicated to researching and developing SMS for airports. Unofficially, around 50 or 60 airports in the US are involved in various states of SMS implementations; LandrySMS has participated in more than 30% of those efforts. Whether our clients need an end-to-end system or help tweaking existing SMS components, LandrySMS provides a portfolio of SMS solutions ranging from plans, manuals, guides, data analytics, training, risk management, media, and branding solutions. The LandrySMS team has investigated and managed hazards as part of airside construction and change management projects, delivered SRM programs, facilitated SRAs to meet FAA requirements, and developed enterprise-wide SRM solutions to optimize decision making without compromising construction schedules or operational efficiencies. Visit our web site at

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