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21-01-13 / SPS NEWS

SPS Selected as the Winner of Taiyuan Wushu International Airport (TYN) Terminal Area Planning and Terminal Scheme Design Competition

The scheme designed by the consortium of Strategic Planning Service, Inc. (SPS), ECADI and China Aviation Planning and Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd. Received unanimous recommendations of the expert selection panel and was selected as the first-place award winner by Shanxi Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd for the Taiyuan Wushu International Airport (TYN) Terminal Area Planning and Terminal Scheme Design Competition.


As a new domestic regional transportation hub, TYN is an important gateway for the development of Taiyuan city and Shanxi Province. The total construction area for the Phase III Reconstruction and Expansion project covers approximately 6,000,000㎡, which will satisfy the objective serving 40 Million annual passenger at TYN.    


To accommodate the unique requirements for this airport, the winning design proposed a three-concourses/wide apron configuration to achieve balance between high efficiency of the apron, large number of gates, short walking distance and clear passenger/aircraft wayfinding.  The plan also features a highly efficient operation in the immediate short-term with flexibility for efficient long-term development.


The highly functional plans integrate well with an architectural style that reflects the essence of traditional Chinese design with regional characteristics of Shanxi, resulting in a highly efficient, contemporary large hub terminal. The eight unique local landscape elements of Jinyang are reflected in the terminal, which achieves the combination of human landscape with space and function.


TYN Terminal 3 design project has been another significant achievement for SPS in terminal area planning and design for the SPS team, following successful projects at PVG Terminal 3, CAN Terminal 3, TNA Terminal 2, FOC Terminal 2 and ZUH Terminal 2. SPS will remain true to the aspirations of our clients, as we work collaboratively to build TYN as the new model among the regional transportation hubs.


We are grateful for the full cooperation of every consortium member. Thanks to the special support by Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. during the bidding process.

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